Somali Youth of Amarillo

On Feb 4, 2012 Sister Asli went to Amarillo, Texas to talk to the youth to encourage them to stay safe, concentrate on education and build a positive image for themselves in US and Somalia. She believes that our Somali youth is not just in danger of the usual perils of society here like drugs, bullying, depression etc but also they are influenced by the turmoil and destruction back home and we all have to join hands to carefully explain to them the situation in Somalia so that they neither cut ties nor go negative about their home country, but try to become better professionals and humanitarians to help the people of Somalia.  US is the land of opportunity, and what our youth does shapes our community. In about less than a decade we will be lead and known in the rest of the US through the Somali Youth of today. So we want our youth educated and not a drop-out,  informed not misled  and a positive member of society.


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