Since Civil War in Somalia, a lot many Somali citizens relocated to US. The crisis that was in Somalia translated to a lot of Somali refugees who lost everything and were forced to live in below-average conditions in Refugee camps. Thus in 1998, Asli Hassan Parker started an organization “ Somali Ogaden Community Humanitarian Relief”
with the main purpose of helping Somali families in every way possible. The influx of refugees may have slowed down but there is still no peace in Somalia and still many Somali families are living in poor conditions in the US. To address the needs of this new period, Asli changed the organization to “Somali Community Peace Effort” and continued helping Somalis in Somalia and US in the light of different conditions.
Here are some of the activities of this organization are:

  • Refuge settlement
  • Employment Help
  • Efforts to integrate Refugee families better with the society
  • Bringing community together and providing them a home away from home
  • After school computer classes
  • Sports
  • Youth programs of various kinds and keeping them away from harm
  • Free clinics or health fairs
  • Raising awareness  about Refugees plight and funds for them
  • Ramadan packages for needy families
  • Religion and culture classes

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