Asli Hassan Parker (Abade)

Asli Hassan Abade was born on January 1, 1958 in Somalia. Her parents were Asli Abade as pilotHawa Aden and Hassan Abade. She comes from a family heavily involved in public service with many high position military officers, mostly before the civil war. She has been schooled initially in Somalia then Italy and finally US. Because of the military influence in her family, she wanted to be one of them and because of her strong character and the zeal to do something concrete for her country, she ended up changing history and became the first and only female pilot to serve the Air Force of Somalia. She worked for Air Force almost 10 years and was efficiently promoted in the ranks.

She came to US initially for pilot training and went back and forth for some years, until she met her husband, an aircraft engineer with American Airlines, and settled in DFW and started her family. In the last 30 years, she has accomplished more than anyone can imagine. She went back to school and studied for Physician Assistant, she earned a Masters Degree in Social Work with the Asylees and another Masters Degree in Management. She knows 7 languages, works as interepreter with different hospitals and schools but most of her time is spent in helping the refugees from al l parts of the world.

The Civil war and its effect on Somalis affected Asli’s heart deeply. She was overcome by this strong impulse to do something for these poor souls from her home country who have lost everything and are now as refugees in US without any family, money or support. She started her first non-profit, all on her own, just helping each and every refugee, no matter which country they come from, as much as she could. Her home became a second home to many many homeless, lonely people who were starting a new life in this country. Asli Abade believes greatly in the efforts of US to bring refugees here but a lot more needs to be done to make them a positive addition to the society.

To learn more about this amazing lady, read this article: Asli Abade: A Pilot with a Vision


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